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Ack! My outlook keeps asking for my password! (External Users - not CCFSC and SACFC)

This may be due to the server upgrade. Try these steps before contacting IT/creating a work order.

If you can't replicate these steps, you receive additional errors, or if the final popup says anything other than Completed twice,
follow channels to contact IT/create a work order.

My OWA (Outlook Web Access) Looks weird...

We have recently upgraded our mail server, which means an upgrade to OWA as well. This will change the way the web interface looks for you, however with a few settings, it will feel just like using Outlook on the computer.

The new login will look like this:

See the topics below:

My emails are grouped together instead of in a list, how can I fix this?

  • Access your webmail through OWA at

  • Click on the downward facing arrow as shown in the image:

  • Uncheck the checkbox next to Conversations:

My bookmark for OWA doesn't work!!

Try the following links:

Need remote assistance? Click the link below!

Download Remote Support Software

This link will download an installer called "remote-support.msi" onto your computer.
You must locate the program in your downloads folder and run the program to install it.

One Time Remote Support Session

Click Here to connect to the remote support website and follow the directions provided by IT.

Contact IT

Mike the Computer Guy can be reached at:


Make sure that you have followed the appropriate channels before contacting IT. (ie: do you need a work order? If you aren't sure, ask! )

Use this form to let IT know that your email isn't working.